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All Farms with Cows

Listed below are all the farms that have cows . These farms, parks and heritage centres offer you the chance to get up close and personal with these staples of the farm.

Check out our map view below where we’ve plotted all the cow farms . You can also use our geo location feature by clicking on the “Share Your Location” button in the top left and we’ll show you your closest cow farms!

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Why We Recommend Visiting All Farms with Cows

Cows have been a staple in British farms for years and they hold a a certain charm about them that goes beyond their dairy delights. Here’s some gems of information that might just inspire you to plan a visit to a nearby farm.

Firstly, cows are incredibly social creatures and form close relationships with one another. They can recognize more than 100 different faces of their fellow cows and are known to form strong bonds with family members and friends. Watching them interact in their herds can be quite touching and a real insight into their complex social dynamics.

Cows also have a calming effect, which might explain why cow cuddling has become a wellness trend in many parts of the world, hopefully we’ll have more of them soon!

The simple act of spending time with these serene animals can be surprisingly soothing and a lovely way to de-stress. And did you know that cows are rather intelligent? They can solve problems, use tools, and have excellent memories.

Visiting a dairy farm offers more than just the chance to see cows up close. Many farms provide educational tours that delve into the process of milk production, from the pasture to the bottle. You may learn about sustainable farming practices, the importance of animal welfare, and even get to sample some fresh dairy products.

So, why not take a trip to a local cow farm? Pet, feed and cuddle them across various farms in the UK!

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