Welcome the to the Tree Hub website! Outlined below you will find many of the questions and answers that farm owners have asked us since our inception. We hope these answers prove useful but if not, you can reach us any time at info@ treehub.co.uk

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Why Did You Build The Tree Hub Site?

The idea behind the Tree Hub site was to provide users with a comprehensive directory of UK farms regardless of their size, affiliation or price. We also believe there is a public desire to be able to find farms that meet specific criteria such as ‘farms with cows’, ‘dog friendly farms’ and other similar user focused information. 

Where Does Tree Hub's Information Come From?

Tree Hub has collected information from user reviews, social profiles and directly from farm’s own websites. We make every effort to keep our information up to date and we are always happy to make edits and adjustments if you find any inaccuracies in our profiles. 

How Do I Partner With Tree Hub

Partnering with Treehub is easy, we have a mix of free and paid-for subscriptions so that you can list your farm on our site and attract visitors from all around the UK. We have already made some profiles for various UK farms and if you can already see one for your farm, simply click the “Claim Listing” button in the top right hand corner of your existing profile page.

How Do I Add My Farm To Tree Hub?

Our aim is to have the most comprehensive directory of UK farms across the web and so we make it easy for you to add a listing for your farm by asking a few straight forward questions in our online form.

Does Tree Hub Charge Farms To Be On The Website?

All farms have a choice of how they appear on the Tree Hub site and how much they pay to be involved. You can add yourself with a free listing without cost. A basic listing simply includes the name of your farm, a short description and its address. There are other profile features you can add for a monthly fee, all of which is we highlight on our Pricing Page 

How Do I Change My Subscription Level

You can change your subscription level at any time through your account settings on TreeHub.co.uk. Select the new subscription you wish to move to, and the changes will take effect from the next billing cycle.

What Happens If I Downgrade?

If you choose to downgrade your subscription, your profile’s scope and visibility will be adjusted to reflect the features of the new package selected, effective from the next billing cycle.

Can I Cancel My Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your profile will be adjusted to the free basic listing until the end of your current billing cycle.

We do not offer refunds for partially used subscription periods. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the paid period.

How Can I Access My Invoicing information?

Your invoicing information, subscription details, and other relevant account information can be viewed and managed directly through your account on TreeHub.co.uk.

Farm Accreditations & Awards:

There are a number of accreditations and awards that farms can attain and be awarded. Outlined below you can find an introduction to these accreditations alongside explanations of what each one means for your Tree Hub profile:

What Is The NFAN?

Uniting the Farm Attraction Industry, the National Farm Attraction Network (NFAN) has over 200 Farm Members and is the only independent co-operative for farm and rural attractions. If you are interested in joining the NFAN, you can do so here.

Is Tree Hub Affiliated With The NFAN?

Tree Hub is an independently run website and has no association with the NFAN. We have built this website independently of any external companies, foundations or co-operatives.

Do NFAN Member Farms Get Listed First On Search Results ?

Our objective is to provide visitors to our website with comprehensive information to help them decide on the farm they would like to visit. Consequently, we don’t favour NFAN member farms but we do highlight farms associated with NFAN by displaying an NFAN ribbon on their listings which can be added no matter what subscription level you have taken.

What Is The AAAS?

The AAAS Certification ensures that farms adopt the very best safety standards for how adults and children interact with farm animals. It provides an industry code of practice and gives annual inspections to ensure farms are looking after their animals ethically.

Is Tree Hub Affiliated With The AAAS?

Tree Hub operates as an independent website, unaffiliated with the AAAS. The development of this website was undertaken independently, without involvement from any external corporations, foundations, or cooperatives.

Do AAAS Member Farms Get Listed First On Search Results ?

Our aim is to give our website visitors all the information they need to make an informed choice about which farm they wish to visit. We therefore do not give preferential treatment to AAAS members but we do display an AAAS ribbon on farms that are AAAS certified.

How Does Tree Hub Make Money?

The Tree Hub website makes money by charging for premium profile features such as:

Does Tree Hub Have a Privacy Policy?

Absolutely, we take privacy very seriously and you can find our Privacy Policy for Farm Owners here.

What Are The Terms & Conditions For Featuring On Tree Hub?

Absolutely, we want make the terms as clear and simple as possible, they are publicly hosted on our Terms & Conditions for Farm Owners here.