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All Farms with Birds of Prey

Listed below are all the farms that house birds of prey. These destinations offer you the chance to get up close and personal with these winged wonders.

Check out our map view below where we’ve plotted all the farms and falconries that hose Birds of Prey .

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Why We Recommend Visiting All Farms with Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey have to be some of the most awe-inspiring creatures you can find the UK! Whether you’re after a thrilling day out or aiming to capture the stunning aerial photos, a visit to your local falconry centre, bird sanctuary or nature reserve could live long in the memory!

Here are some fascinating facts about birds of prey that might inspire you to visit them soon:

  • Birds of prey are a diverse group that includes eagles, hawks, owls, and falcons. Known for their sharp talons and keen eyesight, these majestic hunters rule the skies. Eagles, the largest among them, boast powerful wingspans that can reach up to 2.5 meters, enabling them to soar for hours while scouting for prey.
  • Hawks, meanwhile, are agile flyers with a knack for swift and precise dives. They can reach speeds of up to 150 mph when hunting, making them some of the fastest creatures on Earth. Owls, on the other hand, are masters of the night, with specialized feathers that allow them to glide silently through the air, catching unsuspecting prey.
  • Many birds of prey have incredible adaptations! Eagles have eyesight up to eight times sharper than humans, allowing them to spot potential meals from high above and falcons are equipped with notched beaks that help them break the necks of their prey. Owls, with their highly sensitive hearing, can pinpoint the exact location of a mouse rustling in the leaves even in complete darkness.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a visit to your nearest bird of prey centre today with any of the options above! It’s a fantastic way to appreciate these incredible animals!

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