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All Farms with Horse in Ireland

Listed below are all the farms in Ireland that house horses. These destinations offer you the chance to get up close and personal with these great galloping animals.

Check out our map view below where we’ve plotted all the horse farms and equastrian centres in Ireland or you can use our “Share Your Location” button to automatically show you the closest places to find horses.

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Why We Recommend Visiting All Farms with Horse in Ireland

Ever dreamt of spending a day surrounded by the grace and beauty of horses? Whether you’re seeking a peaceful day in the countryside or eager to try your hand at riding, a visit to a local horse farm or equestrian centre could be a delightful escape. Here are a few captivating facts about horses that might inspire you to take a trip to see them soon.

Horses are known for their gentle and intelligent nature. They form strong bonds with humans and are highly trainable, making them wonderful companions for riding and farm activities.

Did you know that horses have nearly 360-degree vision? Their large eyes, located on the sides of their heads, allow them to see almost all around them, with just a small blind spot directly in front and behind.

Horses also communicate through a variety of vocalisations and body language, including neighing, whinnying, and the position of their ears and tail. Learning to understand these signals can be a fascinating part of spending time with them.

Many farms and equestrian centres offer riding lessons, guided trail rides, and opportunities to learn about horse care. These activities provide a wonderful way to connect with these majestic animals and enjoy the great outdoors.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to a nearby horse farm or equestrian centre! It’s a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty and intelligence of these incredible creatures.

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