Technology mediates our world, so let's talk about it.
A series of designers, artists and technologists talked with 9 other participants inside a pavilion 3m off the ground. TREE|HUB was a space to exchange opinions and sketch ideas.

TREE|HUB will produce a free publication with the result of these conversations. It will be out soon. Watch this space or send an email to if you are interested.

List of past conversations

What we talk about when we talk about the internet
Thursday 12th September 5pm

James Bridle on our relationship with the internet
Is technology an extension of the body?
Thursday 12th September 7pm

Daniel Charny (From now on, Power of making) on our interaction with technology
Experiencing cities
Friday 13th September 5pm

PAN studio on consumption models and the future experiential potential of city centres
Back to the Future 4: Marty time travels to 2035
Friday 13th September 7pm

Dominic Wilcox drawing (im)possible futures
Whose data is it, anyway?
Saturday 14th September 4pm

Judith Carr on open data
Saturday 14th September 6pm

Tuur van Balen (Cohen Van Balen) questioning what is nature
Toilets, looking and me
Thursday 19th September 5pm

Tobie Kerridge (Interaction Research Studio) on the internet of things
Free press
Thursday 19th September 7pm

Des Freedman on how new models of communication change media
Making future economies for makers
Friday 20th September 5pm

Gregory Epps (Robofold) & Sarat Babu (Betatype) considering if there is a continued role for physical design in the future of making
The golden age of internet piracy
Friday 20th September 7pm

Stuart Bannocks on the gone era of piracy enjoyment
Wearable technology: the past, the present and the future
Saturday 21st September 4pm

Clara Gaggero (Vitamins) on technology and the body
Remix and copy culture
Saturday 21st September 6pm

Hardcore Software questioning the status quo