TREE|HUB is a tree house that hosted intimate conversations elevated 3 meters off the ground last September 2013.

We are currently working on a publication about what happened up there. Meanwhile, you can check the list of conversations we had.

Our manifesto explains why we started this project.

We are lucky to have many collaborators, advisers and sponsors.

We are partners of the London Design Festival.

TREE|HUB is designed by Werk Studio, a collaborative platform of Goldsmiths Design students. If you are interested in our process, visit our blog.

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Technology mediates our world. Technology is not just digital. It is a tool generated by curiosity and the need for efficiency that changes culture.

Our generation is trapped in between sequences. We live under the reign of technology, yet need to sketch with pencils. Let's return to crafts, but in pixels.

We were raised in a system where the unknown is for the foolish. Fools may venture into the improbable and fail, but they also thrive. We are not afraid to be fools.

Design is everywhere and everything. How are we shaping our world? As fools, we even design without commercial purpose.

We design as an eternal questioning process. We are here to ask you. What do you think?

When and where

12th - 22nd September 2013

LOT.9 Blenheim Grove SE15 4QS (Peckham, London)
Overground & Rail Station Peckham Rye


Funding and mentoring


Advice and support

Material sponsors

werk studio

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